Here’re some tips which can help you to introduce yourself in an interview :

  1. Try to be concise in your introduction.
  2. Try to fit relevant information during a few words.
  3. Practice tons. Learn your intro sort of a chapter of social studies (my weakest subject, hence required rote learning). I aroused and rehearsed my intro quite a few times, especially before the interview. Because once you enter the interview room, you tend to forget things. Consciousness creeps in.
  4. Do not attempt to crack jokes in an interview room, unless 1. You’ve got given up all hopes of the work or 2. You’ll actually crack up good jokes.
  5. The above point doesn’t mean you can’t  Instead, confirm you are doing smile once or twice. This tells the interviewer that you simply are confident and may handle stress.
  6. Never reject your candidature!! If an interviewer asks, “Why should I not select you?”
  7. Incorrect: “I am not a team player” “I have serious anger issues” “I might make wrong decisions which could lead on to serious loss to the company”
    Correct: (seem perplexed) Ummm… (Look aside for a flash. still the design of “baffled by the situation” on your face). Then say doubtfully, during a childlike manner, “Sir, I do not see a reason why you ought to not select me. If there have been any such reason, I might not have applied to your company.” If the interviewer still persists, “no, give me a reason why I should reject you”. Then say politely, “Sir could also be my performance in previous levels wasn’t up to the mark. Or even a number of the answers I gave you within the interview weren’t ok.” (You have just told him what he already knows. you’re within the interview because you performed well in previous rounds. And he’s already judging you for your answers within the interview)
  8. Work on your communication skills. Correct usage of grammar with good fluency (words/min. Confirm your words are clear once you speak) also can make an enormous impact on the interviewer.



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