Well, some of the surveys show that GPA ranks 7+ that influences or deciding whether to hire or not, it is like a performance indicator. If the GPA is more than 3.5, well and good, if not, it is better not to mention unless the recruiter asked to mention your academic performance. It’s not exactly the GPA that employers look for in a student’s resume. If it is not your first job, first they look into your focus on education and work experiences, paper publications, projects completed, or any other competitions which influence the most. Then they look into your academic performances and achievements. Obviously, removing GPA in your education section is not a suggestible idea but still, instead, you can highlight your achievements.

Finally, avoid the rounding of GPA and giving wrong information, which may lead to self-explanation about the discrepancy or consistency. Be cautious while mentioning the GPA. However, one should remove the GPA from his/her resume once they exceed 5 years of work experience.

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