The resumes hold importance in everyone’s life and especially when it comes to searching for a job. If you lack clarity for your career, I would recommend you reach out to a professional coach who would help you. So, now, It’s the time to take proactive control of your career journey.

It does not matter how well written your resume is. Usually, a resume gets scanned for 15 seconds. Scanning is more difficult if it is poorly designed or is too lengthy. So, you should try to use wide margins, with clear headings, focus on what you did in the job, and not what was your job. You should also include a one or two top line job description first and then enlist your accomplishments. Also, quantify your achievements to ensure greater confidence in the hiring managers.

Lastly, updating the resume on a regular basis is advised whether you’re job searching or a fresher. And it is very unfortunate that everyone does not do that.




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