The unexpected pandemic will create many problems and the unavoidable recession is one of them. With the sudden decrease in demand, the number of jobs will reduce too.

You need to focus your energy on the job you want and qualify for, i.e. do not apply to multiple companies, just to the companies you’re really interested in.

Due to the lack of jobs, you might have to look out of your comfort zone, explore other jobs that you are qualified for. Another thing to keep in mind is to look for industries with high growth rates. The reason you might lose your job is because of the sudden decrease in demand in your industry thus, to have a stable job try looking for growing industries and try finding your place there.

Try making unique resumes and attract attention towards yourself as these times call for a large number of applicants.

Look for job opportunities everywhere, network as much as you can, call old friends, college alumni, and try seeking their help but no matter what do not act desperate, stay confident, and believe in yourself.

Make time to learn new skills and perfecting old ones so that you become irreplaceable in your new job thus ensuring you leave it only on your own terms.

All the best! I hope you emerge victoriously!


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