Resumes are an integral part of the job-search process and therefore to make your application shine, one should know about the Dos and Don’ts in a CV.

Most importantly, cvDragon understands the predicament of students and to help them create perfect resumes we have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts in a CV. Not only, it will reduce common errors but also help you get noticed by Recruiters.

Follow the guide for Dos and Don'ts in a CV and start scoring Interviews!

 Dos: Guidelines for Dos and Don’ts in a CV

  • Use cvDragon Resume Builder for 200+ resume templates. Outline and arrange your CV sections accordingly.
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  • Identify Resume Keywords according to the job description before creating your resume.
  • Reread the job description and list specific Skills that the ATS software will use to screen resumes.
  • Use the job role or last professional qualification like ‘Business Development Manager’ or ‘Marketing Supervisor‘ as Professional Title.
  • Choose a resume format (Chronological, Reverse-Chronological or Functional resume) that displays your experience, education and skills distinctly.

  Freshers: Use ‘Reverse-Chronological’ or ‘Functional format’.
  Experienced: Use the ‘Chronological format’.

  • Mention your Full Name and optional details like Age and Gender in the Basic Info section.
  • Enter your own Phone Number, location and Email Address in the Contact Details section.

  [Note: Use a professional email-id instead of a work or personal email and enter your full address if required.]

  • Use cvDragon‘s predefined Keyphrases for multiple CV sections.
  • Be concise and to the point as Recruiters look through several resumes in a day.
  • Trim and focus your resume based on what you’re conveying to a Recruiter.
  • Offer a Career Summary if you’re experienced and Career Objective for Freshers with limited experience.

  [Note: Explain why you’re the best fit for the role by adding a few USPs and recent achievements about how you will benefit the company.]

  • Make a clutter-free resume that’s easy on the eyes. Use legible font styles with background contrast and whitespaces for readability.
  • Use fonts like ‘Roboto’, ‘Lato’ or ‘Roboto Condensed’ with font size in 8-10 pt. to adjust your CV within one page.
  • Choose layouts with subtitles for various CV sections. Use short one or two-line sentences instead of paragraphs.
  • A Resume Builder like cvDragon reduces common formatting issues, but if you’re doing it yourself, use a Text Editor like Notepad.

Follow the tips for Dos and Don'ts in a CV for your next Interview

 Dos: Tips for Dos in a CV

  • List your Education Background, Certificates and Work Experience chronologically using the cvDragon Resume Builder.
  • Use an Interview Elevator Pitch to grab the attention of the Recruiter.
  • Use bullet points with active verbs and action words such as “Monitored” or “Analyzed” for Work Experience or Internships.
  • Provide periods and choose a template with a table form for your Educational Background.
  • Include links to your LinkedIn Profile, GitHub (for Developers) or Medium (for Content Writers) account according to the job role. Customize your profiles and update them as per your qualifications.
  • List Soft Skills and Technical Skills in separate CV sections.
  • Mention Technical Skills level as Beginner, Intermediate and Proficient.
  • List Spoken Languages in which you communicate. Including Foreign languages is a bonus since MNCs will be more interested to hire you.

  [Tip: Use free websites like Duolingo, FluentU and Babbel to upskill yourself with language certifications]

  • If you’re satisfied with the CV contents, check for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors using tools like
  • Save your CV/ Resume in an ATS-friendly format like .pdf using the cvDragon Resume Builder.

 Don’ts: Things to avoid in a CV

    • Avoid keyword stuffing, and stop mass-spamming to avoid rejection for bad resume etiquette.

      For example:
    ✔ “SEO” “Digital Marketing” “Google AdWords
    ❌ “SEO, Digital Marketing, Google AdWords

    • Forget to tailor your CV according to the job description. Note the keywords in the advertisement that the ATS software will look for.
    • Create your resume in a word processor like MS Word. Use a Resume Builder like cvDragon instead.
    • Forget to mention your Full name in the Basic Info section.
    • Add someone else’s Phone Number or Email Address as Contact Details. Remember, Recruiters won’t be able to contact you.

      [Note: Avoid entering work or personal email-id. Do not include a full address unless required.]

    Don not commit these Resume mistakes and follow the Dos and Don'ts in a CV for maximum discoverability

    • No one has the patience to read boring resumes so don’t use generic summaries.
    • Overlook the importance of a Career Summary or Career Objective. It’s often the first thing a Recruiter looks at on your resume.
    • Make the Career Summary more than four sentences. It will be a paragraph no one is going to read.
    • Choose a Resume Objective when you should have included a Resume Summary.
    • Forget to include a Professional Title and don’t use first-person pronouns like “I,” “My” in the resume. It’s unengaging and unprofessional.
    • Make your resume a nightmare using illegible fonts or weird colours. Don’t use cursive fonts to be bold.
    • Avoid rich graphics unless it’s for a Graphic Designer post. Most ATS software do not parse them well.
    • Make the resume too long. A one-page or two-page resume is acceptable but having a third page is a common resume mistake.
    • Never use passive voice by mistake. It makes the resume evasive and unclear.

      For example:
    ✔ “Managed account registers and prepared invoice statements.”
    ❌ “Utilized accounts registers and send invoice statements.”


    To conclude as per an HR statistics report, “A Recruiter spends an average of just 7 seconds skimming resumes.”

    So, making the ideal resume that grabs their attention should be the main concern of every applicant. Additionally, we hope our guide for ‘Dos and Don’ts in a CV’ will enable you to secure an interview soon!

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