cvDragon the resume site, where you can not only form a resume you desired but also our team members help you with the suggestions and help you need while forming a resume.

cvDragon not only helps freshers to create their resume but also available for each citizen who wants to make a resume whether they are a fresher or an academician.

cvDragon for fresher 

Your Resume is most important to create a Positive First Impression in the Interview. Fresherslive aims to provide the most influential Resume that can open many doors to all freshers as well as Experienced Candidates. Your Resume is a Branding Tool that tells your story. For every fresher, it is an important task to understand what a Resume means. There are plenty of seas of resumes, which are flowing on the internet, the choice is yours in which sea you wanna drive your boat into. Of course, there must be the questions flowing in your mind :

  • Why cvDragon?
  • Is it safe and efficient to use?
  • Will you be guided anyway while making a resume?

Let the questions flow and find an island name cvDragon to settle in. You will get the answer of your questions through reading an article or by trying our application. 

Why cvDragon?


cvDragon resume builder never shares your personal information, you feed in blocks while login and make your resume. When you use our websites or mobile application we ensure you about your privacy never gonna leak out.

Easy to use 

Cvdragon is a very quick and very easy way to convert your desired resume into the document sheet. We provide many features that can be used to make your workload easy by just tapping your fingers on the screen or keyboard.


All of our resume designs are very flexible and goes well with any industry like accountants, graphic designers, software developers.


cvDragon tries best to provide with all our suggestions and guidance you needed while making the desired resume. Our team treats each of our site users as a family member and take a stand for them while they are struggling in making an online resume.

cvDragon for an Academician 

Before jumping to the topic of how cvDragon will be useful for an academician let understand about academics CV and how it should be. 

  • Keep it professional, up-to-date, relevant, clear, and concise. All information should be presented in reverse-chronological order (most recent first). Any CV should always be tailored to the specific application, directly referencing the job/project specification if possible. So, the most important, most relevant, or best aspects of your CV should be at the top.
  •  Because academic CVs have such a unique structure, it’s important to summarise your successes in a succinct opening paragraph. This will give the employer an overview of who you are, your experience so far, and how it is relevant to the role you’re applying to. We cvDragon help you out with the desired academic template and details you can fill in and make your resume come out of the dim light and shine brightly. 

cvDragon is an application where you can find many tabs and custom boxes where you can just tap and enter the new entries on your resume after using a template.cvDragon provides the best platform for you to make the best out of your desired resume. We don’t discriminate over a doctor, engineer, or whichever field you are in, try us out and help yourself under our guidance to form a resume. 


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