In the Digital age, creating Video Resumes or CVs is popular among applicants. So, one can appear as a forward thinker against competition by creating a video resume.

Moreover, increasingly students are creating video resumes to be seen and heard up close. Certainly, they can convince Hiring Managers of their aptitude and leave a positive impression by creating a video resume. Lastly, they are a cutting-edge way to land opportunities for many applicants.

Advantages of Creating Video Resumes

  • Showcase skills and leave a lasting impact on Recruiters
  • Express yourself efficiently and effectively
  • Portable + No geographical constraints
  • Provides a glimpse into your personality
  • More appealing than Traditional Resumes
  • Accessible + convenient for Recruiters to skim resumes
  • Helps you stand out against the crowd of applicants
  • Technology driven + Modern

If you’ve never thought about creating video resumes before and wonder how to proceed, this checklist will help you get started.

Checklist for Creating Video Resumes

checklist for video resumes

      • Video Script (Self-Introduction + USP + Concluding notes)
      • Shooting Equipment (Digital Camera + Lights + Tripod)
      • Adjusting Video settings/ Composure
      • Monochrome Studio or Room with bright ambience
      • Self-presentation (Grooming + Dress Code) as required
      • Rehearsals + Practice
      • Editing/ Postscript (Trimming, VFX or Filters)
      • Video Processing (Formatting and optimizing files)
      • Online Platform presence (YouTube, LinkedIn or any other)
      • Publishing + Embedding Video on platforms
      • Including URL links (on Traditional Resume)

      Dos & Don’ts for Creating Video Resumes

      • Shoot video using a tripod or webcam.
      • Use proper artificial lighting. Increase the brightness if the video is dark.
      • Shoot high-quality 720/ 1080 pixels video.
      • Use landscape mode for shooting.
      • Try to look your best but don’t overdo it.
      • Film natural close-ups of yourself, against solid color surfaces.
      • Sit in a comfortable posture with your back straight and don’t lean or recline.
      • Remove background clutter and clean the room or studio in advance.
      • Dress in professional attire, as advised for interviews.
      • Make short videos, no more than 1 to 2 minutes in length.
      • Look directly into the camera, smile but don’t laugh.
      • Imagine your prospective employer as the audience.
      • Speak in your voice in a moderate tone without any audio enhancements.
      • Use an Elevator Pitch, include USPs and market yourself professionally explaining why you’re the best fit.
      • Minimize background noises and prevent outside interference.
      • Try to avoid sneezes or coughs in recorded video.
      • Speak naturally and clearly by practising the script multiple times.
      • Explain your qualifications, skills and experience in the video.
      • Touch upon relevant achievements and accomplishments.
      • Polish, edit and review your video.
      • Optimize, rename and format your file before uploading it.
      • Embed or share a link for your Video Resume along with a Traditional Resume.
      • Avoid dirty rooms with multiple prints or colours.
      • Use lighting that overexposes or underexposes your face in the video.
      • Shoot your video in portrait mode.
      • Use microphones or visible audio enhancements such as mike, headphone, etc.
      • Shoot low-quality videos in which you’re not properly visible.
      • Speak too slowly or quickly.
      • Sound vague, rehearsed or purposeless in the video.
      • Stammer or fumble in your video.
      • Avoid heavy makeup, distracting accessories or trendy attires.
      • Do not use too many hand gestures, it is distracting.
      • Stare here and there or laugh in the video.
      • Bend or slouch in your video.
      • Don’t appear stoic or emotionally dry by your facial expressions.
      • Modulate your voice or change your tone now and then.
      • Avoid filler phrases such as “like,” “um”, “oh” or “ah”. Instead, pause for a moment and then resume talking.
      • Interrupt your dialogue or start talking to someone else like the cameraman shooting it.
      • Sound unprofessional. Focus and communicate about how you’ll add value to the company.
      • Expect your video resume to substitute the need for a Traditional Resume.
      • Create huge files over 3 to 5 minutes in length. Nobody has the patience to listen to them.
      • Associate your personal life by saying “I’m a good person, I must be offered this position”.
      • Over-emphasise your looks and speech by covering your face or muting the audio input.
      • Don’t forget to upload your video on time if there are any deadlines.

      Sample Video Resume Script:

      Note: Do not sound scripted so write a script using this sample, fill in the gaps and rehearse several times being as natural as possible to cover all key points.

      Building a good resume

      • Self-Introduction:

      “Hi there! My name is [Your Name] and I’d love to take a couple of minutes to tell you why hiring me as an [Role Title] job/ intern will help your organization.

      Currently, I’m pursuing [name of the degree] at [name of Institute/ University]. My coursework has provided me with a strong foundation in [related discipline] and I’ve completed courses in [associated topics].”

      • USPs:

      “In the last [duration] years, I’ve been able to augment hands-on experience, attained through previous internships [or relevant training]. I know the basics of [Technical skills], which I think will be a huge asset to your organization. Along with these skills, I’ve worked with a diversity of people, so I’m a team player. I’ve been praised for my relationship-building or [specific soft skills].”

      • Concluding Notes:

      Finally, I love making an impact, spreading the word and seeing change in your business. I’m dedicated and passionate and I guarantee that you won’t regret hiring me. Thank you so much for your time!”


      To sum up, creating Video Resumes is an ideal choice to grab the attention of a prospective recruiter.

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