You put unfinished college on a resume if it directly applies to the work that you’re seeking, if it explains a piece gap on your resume, or if you’re still within the process of achieving a degree. Put the knowledge about your unfinished college experience at rock bottom of your resume, within the Education section.

When listing your unfinished degree, always be honest – never attempt to fudge the facts to form it appear to be you’ve got graduated. It’s too easy for employers to see that information, and any lies on your resume will quickly eliminate you from job consideration. You’ll mention the number of credits you earned, alongside the main you pursued. If you’re currently performing on a degree, you’ll include your field of study and therefore the classwork that creates you an honest fit the work, like graphic design classes if you’re applying for a graphics job, or biology research if you’re applying to figure during a lab. You can mention your unfinished degree like this: “The University of Michigan, Bachelor of Science degree candidate: anticipated completion May 2020.”


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