Well, there is no single format that fits the best for all. It entirely depends on where you are in your career road and how relevant is your work history to the job you seek currently. But there are 4 most used and best formats each serving their own purpose:

  1. Reverse Chronological : This derives from the chronological resume format. The only difference is it is ordered from the latest events to the older ones. This focuses on education and work history. So, people with no gaps in their work history and the ones whose the desired job is relevant to the past ones can use this format for best results
  2. Functional : This focuses on skills and practical experiences one has, unlike chronological format. This gives the best results for a fresher or the one who opts for a change in the career.
  3. Combination : This focuses on the bright sides of both functional and chronological resume formats. It highlights skills and experiences while also seeking attention to work history. This is best for someone who’s past job is relevant to the desired ones but while the work history has a little gap in between.
  4. Target : This is very hard to perfect and yet it’s totally worth it. This resume format particularly targets the desired job for the specific company and all the content and sections should be relevant to them. This is done by professionals who seek a job at a world-class company. These are difficult to make and often times tailored by experts.


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