Every applicant has a dream to be hired in a good company. But unfortunately, there are many applicants who aren’t able to fulfill that. Applicants don’t know how to write a resume that is qualified enough, which can also lead to rejection. Of course, your resume is the first thing to create an impression on the recruiters before you address yourself to them in-person.

Resumes are a beneficial and powerful tool in this corporate world. So now the question remains: How to write such a resume? Make sure to follow this specific format 

    • Personal details
    • Profile summary
    • Work achievements
    • Work experience
    • Educational background
    • Skills

Resume should have some specific things about you which make them hire you:

  1. Your introduction: The first thing every person sees is the name. 
  2. Company names: Ignore if you are fresher. They want to know which company you worked for before joining theirs.
  3. Your qualification and history: They will go through your past experiences, your projects, your group projects, and the role you played in that group. They will go through all your qualifications which you tagged into your resume while making it.
  4. Your interests and extracurriculars:  This makes you totally different from the other applicants, well you can brag yourself here but keeping yourself in concise and precise manner. There’s a good chance that they have already made a call whether to move forward on you. If there are other folks checking the resume out, they can certainly be convinced to take a second look, but a basic opinion has been formed. 
  5. Professional objectives: This is likely your lead paragraph. Why do you want to be here? What are the objectives you want and you can fulfill?
  6. Skills: You must tell what all things are needed to get you into the job. The special skills you got like leadership, communication, etc. you must be very precise here.

Now, this is where your first-pass gets over. If you pass their first-pass strategy then you are under the spotlight now all you have to keep certain things in mind for their final round. 

In-depth job history:

If you were under some certain job previously, you must mention what you learned from them, the reason for hoping from a previous job and that should be precise and acceptable. Your job history, your professional experience is the heart of your resume. This is where they spent their time vetting you and this is where you should spend your time making sure they are going to get the most complete picture of who you are and what you’re going to bring in their team.

Resume designs and templates

Design your resume to impress. Your resume needs to withstand some formatting abuse. Keep it clear and easily understandable, check your margins, unwanted spaces that can be removed.

cvDragon has various types of templates where you can choose yours and apply them while making your resume.

This is where you second and final-pass get over and if you are selected congratulations that your resume is kept out from that pile of papers. 

Embrace honest buzzword compliance:

There will not be one person who will read your resume. Make sure to make it remarkable and very precise when you feed your information in your resume. The lifeblood of the recruiter is the keyword. Java, C++, Objective-C. The more specific relevant keywords and buzzwords you can shove into your resume, the more likely you’re going to make it past the initial cut. Make sure to shove those entries only which you can answer during an interview or it will make a bad impact on you later. 


At last, a resume is not a statement of facts. It’s a declaration of intent. A resume cannot totally define who you are, you have to think about your glimpse and hook. The glimpse is a view into the most recent years of your professional career and hooks let them leave with some random questions.


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