This is an interesting topic to discuss on. Believe it, this is going to be a helpful article for the ones who are getting rejected on the fact that they are too impressive or over-qualified for the job.

See, no one wants to pet an elephant until and unless the elephant is of some good to them. I know it sounds harsh, but this is the truth in the case of the MNCs and other companies.

They want everything just to the point and none the less, not the more.

So without further ado let us have a glimpse of WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOUR RESUME IS TOO IMPRESSIVE? :

  • REJECTION ON FACE – Yes, you got it right, rejection. This is what you have to face. See the point is no one wants anyone to have more than they deserve. Also, the cruelty has increased so much that sometimes you are given less than you deserve to have.

If your resume is too good, it means definitely you have loads of job experience, but, according to the Recruiter, you become a money-sucking machine, craving for more money than they want to offer you. So, a clear rejection is considered to be the best option for them.

  • DENIAL BASED ON MYTH – Since you have more job experience and a good skill set, you are quite well equipped with your with the perfect skill set, hence you are having more place value than the novice ones.

So, according to that, you will be given more money.

So, they might reject your resume based on this myth that you might want a large amount of money as a salary. So, all you can do to avoid it is just to mention that the Salary is negotiable or flexible.

  • DOUBT ON YOUR WORK LONGEVITY – See people often assume that if a highly qualified person applies for a job, they might take away a lot of money in comparison to the work they are doing and will soon leave the work after they are satisfied.

Clearly, it poses a big threat to the career of the highly-qualified employee. So, do a simple thing, write an e-mail introduction about “why you want to do this job”, “what is your part in this job” and most obviously “what you can offer to the company during your tenure” and also “ why you want to do the job for that particular company”.

  • DOUBTED YOU – Have you ever imagined how can a friend help you out in case of jobs?

Well, it is time to put a use to that friend or close contact. Ask your friend or any close known person who works in that particular company. Ask them to give your recommendation for that company for a particular post you are applying for. In this way, both will be benefited.

See, when a recommendation comes from a worker who is already working for the company, things change quickly, your resume might start to seem like a perfect one instead of over-qualified.

  • TWEAK YOUR RESUME– A hiring manager might think a candidate with your experience will consider some of the tasks associated with the position to be beneath them. If you’re in a supervisory role, one subtle way to address this is to take on tasks you might otherwise assign to others and list them on your resume.

So, instead of writing or showing that you are too good at your work and can control whatever is offered, say “ looking forward to more challenging works and tasks”.

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