This is an interesting topic to discuss on. Believe it, this is going to be a helpful article for the ones who are getting rejected on the fact that they have an impressive resume or  are over-qualified for the job.

Look, no one wants to purchase any kind of machinery unless the machinery comes of some use to them. Likewise, this applies the same in the case of the MNCs and other companies.

So, what will happen if your resume becomes too impressive?


If your resume is too good, it means you have a certain duration of work experience, yet, according to the recruiter, you might seem to overtake the freshers of that year or might even seem to be money-minded, for expecting a higher pay than what they have to offer. So unfortunately a clear rejection is considered to be the best option for them.


A most common myth that goes around work-life is if you have more job experience and a good skill set, you are looking for a higher pay.

In this case, firm might not consider your resume based on this myth. So, the best one can do to avoid such a situation is by mentioning that the salary is negotiable or flexible.


Most recruiters often assume that if a highly qualified person applies for a job, they might stick around until they are satisfied with the earnings received during a specific period in comparison to the work they are doing and would quit soon after they are satisfied.

This poses a big threat to the career of the highly-qualified employee. 

So, remember to write an e-mail speaking of “why you want the position of a vacancy in their firm”, “what is your part in this job” and most obviously “what you can offer to the company during your tenure” and a“ why you want to work for that particular company”.


Ask a friend or any close ex-co-worker who works in whichever company about the firm, it’s always good to do your side of the research. Ask them to recommend you for the company on the particular post you are applying for. In this way, both will be benefited.

when a recommendation comes from a person who is already working with the company, things can change quickly, your resume might start to seem like a perfect one instead of over-qualified.


A recruiter might think, a candidate with your experience will consider some of the tasks associated with the position to be beneath them. If you’re in a supervisory role, one subtle way to address this is to take on tasks you might otherwise assign to others and list them on your resume.

So, instead of writing or showing that you are too good at your work and can control whatever is offered, say “ looking forward to more challenging works and tasks”.


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