Nowadays, because of the rise of the internet, there are many ways to earn free certificates that add value on a Resume. As a result, students can learn new skills and interact with industry experts from across the globe.

Certainly, networking is valuable for Freshers. For instance, it strengthens their professionalism and makes them wiser in their career choices. Moreover, it lets them appeal to Recruiters and their affordability thanks to the pocket-friendly budget even makes them desirable for the average student.

These days, with students pursuing multiple career paths subsequently, it is more important to have free certificates that add value on a Resume. Therefore, Massive Open Online Course providers like Udemy, Coursera or edX are often the go-to choice among Freshers.

However, a quick search through the internet might offer free courses but charge for certificates. That is to say, students might get disappointed to see their career scopes extinguished but, some options are available where students can get certified and earn free certificates that add value on a Resume.

Girl showing the way for earning free certificates that add value on a resume

What parameters to consider in a good free course?

  • 100% online (remote) course
  • Flexible learning schedules 
  • Self-paced Tutorials
  • Duration (preferably within 6 months)
  • Videos & Resources
  • Quizzes for practice
  • Graded Assignments with feedback
  • Certificate of Completion (check if paid or free)
  • Instructor Q&A or Forum
  • Language: English, French, Spanish, etc.

So, here is a round-up of the best and popular sites where you can get free certificates that add value on a Resume. In addition, below, are the Top 9 providers where you can get Free certificates that add value on a Resume:

#1: Google

Platforms: #Grow with Google, #Google Digital Garage, #Google Digital Unlocked, #Google Developers

         Popular Course Topics:


         Topics Covered:

  • Automate tasks with Python scripts
  • Using Git and GitHub for version control
  • Configure Cloud management, troubleshooting & debugging complex problems
  • IT Resources Management, systems and virtual machines deployment
  • Coding & GUI throttling for websites
  • Analyse IT problems & strategies to solve them.

These courses help you to take your career to the next level and prepare you for IT roles like IT Support Specialist or Junior Systems Administrator. Apart from that, you can also pursue other gigs such as Automation or Robotics.


         Topics Covered:

  • Building effective Digital Marketing campaigns.
  • Introduction to Content Marketing, optimising conversions & Email Marketing strategies
  • Mobile Marketing + SEM & KPI
  • SEO, Social Media marketing & Digital Analysis
  • Storytelling & Content Creation Frameworks

Marketing is an increasingly emerging sector these days and the courses are designed for the Marketing professional in mind. However, one might also use them in related industries like Advertising and Publishing.

So, if you want to prepare for Marketing roles like Digital Marketer or KPI Analyst, you can certainly have these certifications.

#2: IBM

Platform: #IBM Digital Learning Platform

With the rising popularity of courses in Programming, subsequently Machine Learning(ML) is not a skill to be neglected.

That is to say, this entry-level course is not just for students enrolled in Computer Science Engineering or similar discipline but also relevant for anyone looking to enter the IT industry.

As a result, many IT professionals go for both the skills together these days. So, if you’re willing to pursue a career in Machine Learning or Data Science, you can opt for this course. Perhaps you might be already familiar with this course but for the unversed, here are the 9 sections it consists of:

  • Open-source Tools + Libraries
  • SQL
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Analysis
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Data Sets
  • IBM Cloud
  • Data Science Portfolio

         Topics Covered:

  • Hands-on practice in IBM Cloud: Data Science
  • Data Science & Tools for Data Science
  • Methodology of Data Science
  • Data Science projects
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Science with Python

#3: Stanford University

Introduction to Machine Learning, Data Mining & Statistical Pattern Recognition

It helps you with numerous case studies and applications. Therefore, students who go for career prospects in Data Mining and Data visualisation etc can definitely earn credibility through this certification.

         Topics Covered:

  • Machine Learning
  • Linear Regression with Variable(s)
  • Algebra Review
  • Medical Informatics
  • Application of Algorithms in Robotics
  • Octave + MATLAB
  • Audio Database Mining
  • Logistic Regression
  • Regularisation
  • Neural Networks

#4: Coursera

         Popular Course Topics:

        IT: Python for Everybody Specialisation

Undoubtedly, this course is the most popular course covering Python basics. So, students willing to learn programming and coding can certainly go for this course. Further, it is a great credential to have on your resume given the increasing preference for Developers in the IT industry.

         Topics Covered:

  • Installing Python and writing programs
  • Fundamentals of Python programming language
  • Network Application Interfaces
  • Data Structures
  • Python Applications: Data Retrieval, Processing & Data Visualisation
  • Data Variables: Data Storage & Calculations
  • Core Programming Tools: Functions & Loops
  • Capstone Project, Case Study & latest Technologies

#5: Harvard University:

CS50: Introduction to Computer Science

Harvard CS50 is an entry-level online Computer Science course that helps you research Algorithms and solve problems efficiently. In addition to that, the course is designed for Cyber Security professionals and helps them to get credibility for their skills.

Not only is the course a stepping stone in the world of Cyber Security. Students can explore various facets of the industry by solving problems inspired by real-world challenges. After that, they can also explore other domains such as Cryptography, Biology, Finance, Forensics and Gaming.

         Topics Covered:

  • Computer Science & Programming
  • Designing Algorithms & solving programming errors
  • Concepts Abstraction, Data Structures, Encapsulation
  • Software Engineering & Web Development
  • Languages: C, Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS & HTML, etc.
  • Developing & presenting programming projects

#6: Udemy

The Complete iOS 10 Developer

The course info page claims that it can make you the best developer, freelancer, and entrepreneur and it gives you all the developer skills necessary for that.

In addition to that, it teaches you how to create a startup from conceptualising ideas to raising funds. That is to say, students who want to become entrepreneurs may find them suitable for the long-term.

         Key topics:

  • Developing iOS apps
  • Swift programming
  • Publishing on App store
  • Making GPS maps
  • Transcription apps, Calculator apps and Converter apps
  • Firebase Apps
  • Creating Animations

         Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing & Advertising
  • Creating successful Content Marketing strategies
  • Content publishing & frequency
  • Creating Content & Curating Content
  • Identifying Target Audience & Conversions

#7: Trailhead

Trailhead is a free learning platform of Salesforce that provides certifications in the following categories:

         Key Topics:

  • Trailhead for Slack & Trailhead Go
  • Salesforce Platform Basics
  • Data Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) + CRM Strategy
  • Data Modelling
  • Sales Enablement + Trail Tracker
  • Slackfirst Learning
  • Sales Project Management

Because of the rising demand for skilled sales professionals, many sales executives constantly prefer these certifications. Therefore, most importantly candidates looking to develop a career in Sales like Marketing Manager or Business Analyst can go for them.

#8: LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s popularity never ceases to be waning even in the case of online learning. The LinkedIn Learning platform offers up to 15,000 video courses in more than seven languages and comes with both free and paid subscriptions.

In addition to this, the courses are available in a wide range of categories from Business, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship and are widely regarded as essential. Moreover, since the platform ranks the content according to the candidate’s background, it is a good credential to have on your resume.

         LinkedIn Learning Popular Courses:

        Human Resources:
        Customer Service:
        Cyber Security:

#9: Udacity

Likewise other MOOCs, Udacity too is very popular for its multiple free facilities. For example, one can prepare for interviews and avail assistance from Mentors. In addition to this, there are many good quality courses from Udacity.

         Udacity Popular courses:

Other providers that allow you to learn Technical Skills for free:

How to apply for free certificates on these sites?

freelancing while employed

  • Firstly, open a web browser like Chrome, Edge or Firefox and visit any of the links that we’ve mentioned.
  • Further, after landing on the platform homepage, search or filter out courses based on your preferences. For example, ‘Data Science’ or ‘Python’.
  • Additionally, browse through various courses that appear under the results.
  • Consequently, check the course info for which you want to enrol and navigate their course materials.
  • Likewise, scroll to course features and find if it provides a free certificate(s) on completion.
  • To clarify your choice, accept the course terms and conditions and enrol or register as applicable. Above all, start your learning journey and most importantly, create a schedule.
  • Many online learning portals save your progress automatically. In other words, they allow you to come back afterward and resume learning. So, try to be consistent in your learning endeavours.
  • Several portals offer quizzes and tests for advancement. In addition, you can also refer to the learning materials and resources for practice.
  • Most of the portals are interactive, in other words one may engage in online discussions, live webinars or even competitions. On the other hand, they offer you rewards and points on the dashboard. So, monitor your progress accordingly and complete assignments or tasks as required.
  • Lastly, at the end of the course, take part in the final quiz or test to receive your certificate of completion.

To sum up, in today’s Digital age because of the internet boom, students can earn free certificates that add value on a Resume.

However, as the industries evolve, students must prepare for real-life skills and not just certificates. To clarify further, students must have knowledge about how to implement them to solve real-world challenges.

Therefore, one must upskill themselves according to the changing industry trends. So, start your learning journey for free certificates that add value on a Resume and equip yourself with these most in-demand skills!


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