It’s not often that a job posting reminds you of a friend or connection who works at the company that offers it. Your immediate reaction will be to ask for a job referral but there are some things you should consider.

In this article, ‘6 Pro Tips to Consider for a Job Referral’, we will explain what they are.

#Tip 1: Be genuinely interested

If you request someone for a job referral, be passionate and motivated about it. Grab such offers at the earliest and don’t refuse any invitation at the last moment.

Accept job referrals with gratitude. Do not resign on the very first day, or else your connections will be reluctant to offer it again.

#Tip 2: Evaluate Relationship Quotient with connections

Research the company that offers the referral. Find out how it treats referrals and check if the request is beneficial on both sides.

Some organisations offer incentives for referrals such as referral bonuses. Others don’t treat referrals as different.

If the former is your case, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your connection. In the latter, one should not make such requests.

#Tip 3: Determine Referral appropriateness

Ask yourself, ‘How comfortable am I to ask someone for this favor’? Consider these feelings before you make a job referral request.

 Also consider, how long your friend worked for the company, the position appointed to them and if you asked for this favor earlier.

 If you’re convinced that you won’t make them uncomfortable, it’s fine to go ahead with your request or else think twice before asking.

#Tip 4: Resolve past issues & disputes with connections

If you believe an earlier dispute with your friend was settled, they may not feel so. If they mourn a grudge against you, try to clear things out and resolve such issues before you request your job referral.

#Tip 5: Remove the anxiety of hearing ‘No’

Are you worried about what if your friend or connection says ‘No’ and whether you can handle such emotions?

Sure, it’s uncertain but not until you ask formally so muster up the courage and put forward your request to see if they respond.

Don’t be delirious or doubtful, be confident and straightforward with your delivery but make sure that your request does not impact your liaisons.

#Tip 6: Network Professionally with connections

These days, employers and colleagues remain connected together on sites like LinkedIn, AngelList, Twitter, Quora, etc.

So, if you want a job referral, get some recommendations, ratings and feedback from colleagues you worked with earlier. Use those reviews to build rapport with your connections and start networking.

Remember, building rapport requires time and patience. If you’ve just started, participate in organic discussions and conversations to prosper within your circles.

#Bonus Tip: Display Work Ethic & commitment

So, what’s next after you increase your chances of earning job referrals? Yes, it’s time to rehearse for the interview, you never know if it’s tomorrow.

During the interview, be professional, and display work ethic and commitment but don’t exaggerate too much about being referred.

Ask questions and use an [Interview Elevator Pitch] to describe yourself and your accomplishments or accolades.

Be prepared, carry your CV/ Resume and if you’re rejected, persuade your connection(s) for another job referral but don’t force them if they can’t.


Asking for a job referral isn’t easy so consider these tips to be rewarded with what you deserve and maintain professional relationships since you never know who might pitch for you next.

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