Despite the Coronavirus crisis, Walk-in Interviews have neither declined and are still preferred by employers and applicants over Virtual Interviews.

Ace your next Physical interview with our specially curated checklist for Walk-in Interviews! Certainly, you can also print this checklist to assist in your interview preparation.

Walk-in Interview Handshake

Before the Interview:

  • Research the organisation including the products and services offered. Find industry competitors, check news coverage and the latest developments.
  • In most cases, you won’t know who will be conducting the interview but you can google the company CEO/ Director and browse their website(s) to find the names of employees and their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Preserve the contact details of the concerned authority or Coordinator in charge in case you can’t attend the interview in the assigned time slot as arriving late for an interview is an unforgivable offense.
  • Follow any Dress Code of the organisation and dress comfortably in formals or business casuals as required.
  • Prepare and rehearse the job profile-related interview Q&A. Additionally, go through the Top 20 Interview Q&A (Engineering, Management) and FAQs as well.
  • Note the documents that will be checked and ensure you have hard copies of all testimonials and certificates and extra soft copies.
  • Bring a Cover Letter (if asked) and keep a copy of the job application for reference.
  • Don’t forget to carry hard copies of your CV or Resume in a transparent channel file. Ensure no cringes or folds are visible.
  • Bring a water bottle, stationery items like pens, instruments and a notebook inside a small bag that is convenient for the interview.
  • Be polite to everyone including the Receptionist from the moment you enter the office building and switch off or put your phone in silence mode.
  • Visit the washroom, check that you’re well-groomed, be humble and display positive body language.
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  • Enter the interview room to which you will be directed and knock on the door twice (if it’s closed) and (if open) ask politely: “Sir/ Ma’am, may I come in? (and wait for their response)”. Do not sit on the chair unless the Interviewer tells you to.

During the Interview:

  • Greet the Interviewer with a pleasantry like “Good Morning Sir/ Ma’am, thank you for your time regarding the interview” and let the Interviewer initiate the conversation afterward.
  • If you can’t understand or hear a question properly, request the interviewer to repeat the question before answering. It reduces any chance of confusion and proves that you have been attentive.
  • Answer professionally and be concise without sounding vague. For the best results, follow the STARR method as explained below.
    • Situation: Understand the situation that you’ve encountered.
    • Task: Perform the tasks that the situation requires.
    • Action: Perform the necessary actions to overcome the obstacle
    • Result: Identify outcomes and measure the success of task results.
    • Reflect: Reflect back on the results and decide on ways to improve.
  • Be honest and calm during the interview process since you may have to demonstrate presentations, and write or design codes.
  • Ask questions and clarify doubts regarding contract details or benefits since an interview is an interactive discussion after all.

After the Interview:

  • At the end of the interview, ask about follow-up procedures and inquire about any Notice Period that you have to serve at the company.
  • Thank the interviewer and shake hands if they offer but don’t do it yourself first.
  • If there are any successive interview rounds, you can enquire about the procedures for them.
  • If you’re given an assessment, complete it within deadlines as it will indicate your professional commitment for the organisation.

We wish you all the best for your Walk-in Interviews and hope this checklist has helped you. To clarify, this list is comprehensive and will ease the jitters experienced by applicants and Freshers.

Certainly, you can feel free to tick or select the checkboxes, strike out the completed ones and include additional items if necessary.

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