These days, with the rise of online portals Internships, are pretty much in vogue among Freshers. As a result, students get access to practical industry experience and training in relevant skill sets. However, to become an intern, one must know about the types of internships and their differences.

So, here is a rundown of the different categories and types of internships.

Types of Internships: Things to Consider in an Internship

By Duration:
  • Full-time Internships
  • Part-time Internships
By Perks:
  • Paid Internships (Stipend and Benefits)
  • Voluntary/ Unpaid Internships
By Location:
  • Physical Internships
  • Remote/ Virtual Internships
By Enterprise:
  • Government Internships
  • Private Internships
  • NGO/ Non-profit Internships
By Category:
  • Internships for Credit (Academic Internships)
  • Summer/ Winter Internships
  • Co-Op (Cooperative Education)
  • Externships/ Apprenticeships
  • Service Learning/ Training
  • Practicum

Top 15 Internship Portals: Internships for Freshers and Graduates

  1. Internshala
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twenty19
  4. Opportunity Cell
  5. Chegg Internships
  6. Glassdoor
  7. AngelList
  8. WayUp
  9. InternMatch
  10. Youth4Work 
  11. LetsIntern
  12. AICTE Internships
  14. FreshersWorld
  15.  InternWorld

Internship Benefits: Why should you become an Intern?

  • Access to Industry Professionals
  • Certificate of Experience and References
  • Mentorship
  • Recommendation and Endorsements on LinkedIn
  • Strengthens Career Goals
  • Flexibility: Pursue Academic Qualifications together
  • Add value to your Resume or CV
  • Scope of consideration for a Full-time position
  • Financial Aid (Stipend)
  • Gain and Refine of skill sets
  • Troubleshooting problems and situations
  • Completing tasks and responsibilities

Steps to follow for becoming an intern

#1: Firstly, sign-up or register to create a profile on the internship portals mentioned. Additionally, apply to multiple sites to increase your chances.

#2: Secondly, complete and fill up your entire profile(s). Most importantly, fill the necessary Resume/ CV sections and certainly upload it on time. That is to say, do not upload at the last moment or after the post is withdrawn.

[Note: Update your Resume or CV to earn the Recruiter’s attention. After that, check them properly before applying. For instance, you can optimize them as per your qualifications for better engagement.]

#3: Further, browse through various internships and check the active posts. In addition to that, use keywords to filter search results. For example, ‘Digital Marketing’ or ‘B2B Sales’.

#4: Moreover, select a few companies and apply to roles that interest you. Before that, check the responsibilities and categories mentioned earlier.

#5: Lastly, submit your application with a Declaration and Cover Letter (if asked).

[Note: On the other hand, use specific keywords as per the role and mention clearly why you’re the best fit for the role.]

#6: Most importantly, keep-in touch with the company updates. Meanwhile, you can also contact Recruiters directly on platforms like LinkedIn.

#7: Subsequently, follow your application status. Complete any assignments allotted to you and prepare for the interview.

#8: To clarify once again, appear or attend the interview on time. However, do follow-up if you miss the call or slot.

[Note: But, never be late or miss your interview. In other words, inform prior if you have any other appointments.]

#9: Certainly, accept the Offer Letter if you get selected. Consequently, check the terms and conditions and respond back. Additionally, reply back to the email or message you received.

#10: Above all, visit the company office on the date you’re appointed and join as an Intern.

Similarly, if it’s a virtual internship, attend the call with your Coordinator or Mentor on time. After that, continue your internship diligently likewise as you would for physical internships.


To sum up, Internships are very important for Freshers looking to start a career in a particular industry. Moreover, they provide practical experience that helps them to grow further and learn at their own pace.

Additionally, it exposes them to a diverse network of Industry professionals and encourages their professional development. So, therefore as a Fresher you can certainly become an Intern to add more credibility to your resume. Likewise, cvDragon too recruits Interns annually so you can reach out to us and launch your dream career!

In conclusion, we hope our article ‘Types of Internships and How to become an Intern’ will help you get started.

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