These days, a a common dilemma during interviews is how to make memorable first impressions in the corporate world. Often, we resort to grooming for this purpose but it is important to be watchful about the way you appear as an individual and the image you’re leaving behind. The concerns are even more among women applicants who want to cast their best interview perception.
Therefore, here are some
essential Grooming Tips and Dress Code for Females that can ease their woos and help them achieve this objective.

According to an independent survey, “impressions happen in one-tenth of a second and once formed, it is tough to alter them.

Interview Grooming Advantages:

Practicing proper grooming habits gives you the confidence to be appealing and makes you feel dignified. As a result, it also means you earn the respect from Recruiters while enhancing your self-esteem. Consequently, it helps you focus on the interview rather than being anxious about your appearance.

Top 4 Grooming Tips and Dress Code for Females:

#1: Tie your Hair neatly

Do not walk in the interview room with messy hair that makes the Interviewer feel that you just got out of bed. Avoid trendy hairstyles or hair colours that might be appropriate elsewhere but not in an interview.

Below, we have explained how you can tie your hair neatly before appearing for an interview:

  • If you have long hair, brush it nicely. Oil it or shampoo a day before and ensure none of the strands fall out of place.
  • Tuck your hair behind your ears with pins or a hairclip. Most importantly, don’t leave it open or waving on your face during the interview.
  • You can also tie it up in a ponytail or a bun as per your preference.
Hair Grooming Tips and Dress Code for Females
#2: Apply Light Makeup

As a woman, use makeup to appear presentable but go light on makeup for interviews. Unless it’s an interview for an Air Hostess or something similar, remember that Interviewers are not concerned about attractiveness.
Below, are some tips on how to look your natural best during interviews:

  • Rinse or exfoliate your face and gently massage a day before.
  • Use pale shades for the makeup and brush it evenly. Keep the look clean with minimal blush or lip gloss.
  • Opt for natural light shades if you’re using lipstick. Avoid red, dark-red or any prominent hue.
  • If you wear nail polish, ensure it’s not too luminous or staining as you may have to shake hands with the Interviewer.
  • Avoid (piercing) long nails. Keep them clean and well-trimmed.
#3: Use a pleasant Perfume

Above all, use pleasant fragrances or perfumes to amplify your mood or vibe. However, avoid the overwhelming ones or applying too much for an interview. On the other hand, do not skip the shower. Certainly, you can use deodorants but they may not be as effective to reduce body odour.

#4: Breath freshness

Having bad breath during an interview not only offends the Interviewer but it can have serious consequences including your interview wrapped up early. As a result, you must follow good dental hygiene and keep your breath fresh with breath mints or mouth fresheners (as necessary).

Below, are some steps by which you can ensure freshness in your breath prior to an interview:

  • Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption or any other kind of activity that produces a foul smell.
  • Brush your teeth properly and follow good dental hygiene before arriving for the interview to smile without hesitation. Further, you can use a toothpick and use the washroom to remove food leftovers stuck in your mouth.
  • Most importantly, spit out any chewing gum, candies or toffees you’ve been having.
  • Always carry a water bottle and keep yourself hydrated. Moreover, quench your thirst when needed and prevent your mouth from going stale or dry.
#5: Dress Code or the Outfit

Meanwhile, an integral part of Grooming is choosing the ideal outfit that makes you look your best in the interview. That is to say, your outfit should abide by acceptable company Dress Codes and will vary depending on the office setting.
For instance, you can wear formals in corporate industries like Banking and Financial services. Consequently, go for business casuals in industries like the IT sector. For startup ventures, casuals or business casuals are acceptable.

Below, is a guide that explains how you can select the right outfit that will complement your grooming and help you to leave behind a good Interview impression:

  • Keep your outfit modest with a formal shirt and skirt. Meanwhile, you can also go for casuals like pantsuit or palazzo paired with salwar and kurta.
  • Traditional Wear: To appear culture conscious, you can opt for a cotton saree (in solid pastel colours) or a traditional Indian suit. However, avoid anything with glitter, lace or print.
  • If your interview is during winter, scour your wardrobe for woollens like cardigan, sweater, coat or jacket. For the best results, you can match and pair it with appropriate leggings.
  • Do not wear mini skirts, denims or jeans.
  • Avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, crop-tops and stockings.
  • Avoid flashy accessories, dresses with slogans and anything that creates distraction. You can wear jewellery like pendants, and bangles but keep them minimal.
  • Stray away from dangling earrings, muffs and bracelets.
  • Wear footwear in which you’re comfortable like peep-toes, pumps, flats, or even low heels.
  • Avoid footwear like sneakers, flip flops, high heels or stilettos.
  • Carry a file folder or handbag for your documents. Consequently, you can even use briefcase or small laptop bags but avoid shopping bags and plastic covers.

Woman showing the Grooming Tips and Dress Code for Females


To sum up, today’s workplace is filled with challenges. So, understandably getting there requires you to follow the Grooming Tips and Dress Code for Females. However, if you are struggling to decide how to present yourself on the interview day, these guidelines will ease your tension.

  • When it comes to the interview Dress Code, the ‘one size fits all approach does not work always. Therefore, check the attire beforehand, see if it fits properly and choose that which suits you the best.
  • Press or iron your clothes and garments. In addition to this, polish and clean your shoes in advance.
  • Remember, that the Grooming Tips and Dress Code for Females will vary greatly depending upon various factors. To name a few likewise are location, industry or company and seasonal influences.

If you are still confused, contact the HR personnel or the Interview Coordinator who approached you with the offer. Ask their advice on what they would recommend to wear. We wish you all the best and hope the Grooming Tips & Dress Code for Females will be helpful in your next interview!

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