Freelancers are self-employed individuals, gig workers who are not employed by a firm and are not bound by any contracts. Freelancing allows us to pursue our passions and interests while also generating additional income. In this article, we will guide you through some tips if you are looking to do freelancing while employed.

Starting your freelance career while still working a regular job is a fantastic idea. Furthermore, before quitting your work, you can learn the ropes of freelancing. You may learn from your mistakes and how to handle them.

Tips to do freelancing while employed:-

Let us take a look at the below-mentioned 9 tips that you should follow before starting your freelancing career.

1.Check your employment contract:-

It’s crucial to double-check your employment contract and the nature of your work with your employer. It is vital to get approval based on the employer’s internal regulations, which may allow the employer to work outside of the company depending on the nature of the employment and the nature of the outside interest pursued, as well as any required disclosures for any work that relates to or could be considered in conjunction with your current work.

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2. Look for a freelancing platform:-

You’re ready to start looking for clients after you’re sure that freelancing won’t cause any problems with your current employer. By reading reviews of the top freelance platforms accessible, you can quickly determine which ones are worth your time and which ones are a waste of time. However, for the freelancer, the best platforms are Upwork, Fiverr, and

3. Establish a portfolio:-

Employers, clients want to view examples of your work before they hire you. Rather than waiting until you’ve amassed a substantial body of published work, create a portfolio site and submit samples for fictional magazines or companies to expedite the process.

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You can create a website or blogs using WordPress, for free of cost and publish your work on it.

4. Tell your network:- 

Networking is critical; you must tell others about your work, and you must use a digital platform to market your work in order to begin attracting clients. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media networks to update your status.

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5. Create an action plan:-

Planning is essential for freelancing, choose which areas you will freelance in and those you are passionate about so that you can work productively while also reducing the burden and time. Make a to-do list of tasks that must be completed on time. Keep track of your time.

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6. Maintain the level of excellence:-

You’ll most likely have days at your full-time job when you’re completely exhausted from late-night work on your side projects. However, no excuse for allowing the quality of your work to deteriorate. Maintain your performance in your full-time work as well as in freelancing.

7. Make an effort to obtain a review:-

Reviews are an important aspect of attracting a larger client base. Getting feedback on your work or your account on sites like LinkedIn, Upwork, and other platforms might help you attract more clients. If you’re a content writer, for example, you could write for a company like CV Dragon, where you’d be paid on a cost-of-review basis.

8. Be truthful:-

If you’re trying to hide your full-time employment, your freelancing clients may question why you’re not available during business hours, and you may find it difficult to explain if this becomes an issue. Be open and transparent about your job circumstances.

9. Keeping a positive work-life balance:-

Many people who do freelancing while employed have trouble coordinating their schedules. When they come home from work, they start working on another project. This can cause emotional stress, impair sleep, have an impact on your health and relationships, as well as lower your work performance and lead to a breach of duty.

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To live a stress-free life, it is critical to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The first step is to organize your calendar and ensure that you get adequate sleep and spend time with your family.


It’s challenging to make a livelihood as a freelancer while also working full-time and raising a family. It is, however, feasible to achieve both goals. Keep your goals in mind and press forward, even when things get difficult. Stay focused on your goal and you’ll get there eventually.

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