A resume is the first step you take towards your professional life and it is the very obvious thing to make mistakes in your resume. A resume is not only a piece of paper it describes your personality so you should try not to make mistake in that. Some of the basic mistakes you can make while building your resume are mentioned below seek help from them.

1) Typing and linguistic mistake: Avoid mistakes as much as possible mainly grammatical mistake. These mistakes are the main reason for the rejection.

2) Specification of details: You should specify your each and every detail more specifically. It shouldn’t lack information about yourself.

3) The importance of Recruiter: You should show the recruiter that they are very important to you “same size fits all” don’t work in building a resume.

4) Highlight your qualities instead of quantities: It means you should not show much about where you worked or what you worked you should make them focus on how you worked and how it would help them.

5) Not too short neither too long: Specifically there are no rules and regulations about the length of resume but that doesn’t mean you send a resume of 6/7 pages. If you can make it in two pages go for it but if you cut it down more like converting 6/7 page resume into 1 page than it will be wrong too so try to write each and every your quality but don’t try to exaggerate it.

6) Visually attractive: Your resume should be attractive. Busy and messy resume are more often rejected even before going through it.

7) Personal stuff: Keep in mind “never” mention your personal stuff. Recruiters don’t have time to go through them. Personal stuff like relationship status, religion, beliefs, etc.

8) Contact information: Check your contact information twice or thrice. Always make your contact information clean and correct. It makes difference.

We the team of cvDragon.com wishes you all the very best.


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