After only concentrating on studies, it’s time for you to venture out into the world of jobs and grab that first real job. You spent your high school and college days creating a background that you are proud of, and now you need to create your first-ever resume which will be competent enough to showcase your hard work to your prospective employers.

Let’s first discuss why you will need a resume.

Your resume usually comes into the picture when you’re out of college and ready to make your mark on the world. Your resume should be designed in a way which can show off your accomplishments, your career potential to companies who might want to hire you. Your resume is the first and most important document you need when you’re ready to put your foot on that first rung of the corporate ladder.

So you realize that mistakes in your resume will cost your entire career.

Not sure where to begin? Below tips will show you some of the pitfalls to avoid. And a Resume Builder like can help you put together a quality resume you can send out with confidence to potential employers.

Mistake #1: Never mention your hobbies in your resume (unless they’re relevant to the job).

The rock band you were in back in high school might have been a lot of fun, but unless you’re applying for a job at a record label, it probably doesn’t belong on your resume. But if your hobbies DO directly relate to the position you’re applying for (i.e. you worked as treasurer of the college debate club, and you’re applying for an accounting job) you can mention this–probably somewhere toward the bottom of the page.

Mistake #2: Never include filler information just to make your resume look better.

Your employer is well aware of the fact that your resume is going to be light on professional experience. So that is why you’re extra-curricular activities become important for your first resume. Most new job hunters don’t realize how important extra-curricular activities are until it’s too late. Insignificant information about activities that have nothing to do with your career is going to spoil your resume.

Mistake #3: Never use gimmicks to try and get your resume noticed.

Some new job hunters put more thought into resume gimmicks than they do the actual content of their first resume, examples like brightly colored paper, expensive envelopes, or a special font that is supposed to make your resume stand out. The reality is that gimmicks will get your resume ignored instead of getting it noticed. Let the content of your resume stand out and not the gimmicks.

Creating a resume for the first time can seem like a challenge, but if you’re smart about it, and avoid common pitfalls, you’ll have a leg up on other candidates in a similar spot. To give yourself an even bigger edge, Cv’s professional resume builder, resume writing, and cover letter building services are great resources to take advantage of as you take that next big step toward your first great job!

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