Even if you are not new in the market and are looking for the best way to wow your recruiter, you need not search further. Experts say that a recruiter takes no more than a six-second glance to your resume. Proofreading the resume is essential to help you achieve that in those precious few seconds, by producing a perfect brochure to put your sale on the zenith, like a pro.

Many of us really know nothing about the dissimilarities of a resume and a c.v? Some say “It’s all the same.”, while the others avoid commenting. Satisfaction is a human desire, may it be any spark.  Apart from the difference in length and customization, both revolves particularly around you. A c.v. serves as an in-depth knowledge organized chronologically, while a resume is a concise brochure intended to give a brief yet detailed information about what defines you. Resumes are generally not more than a page, adapted and edited depending on the position applied, to achieve the benchmark enabling the job-seeker to stand out in the competition.

From early childhood, our parents have always reminded us to scan our answers to help us avoid the common errors one does in an exam. That’s Proofreading!
Only, now, it helps us build our career.

Spelling errors, inappropriate use of punctuation, improper grammar and wrong format is a curse to resumes, haunting careers. These errors make the resume unattractive, and unwanted. Proofreading boosts the standard, to attracting employers like bees to a new hive.

An effective technique to proofreading spelling errors is to read the document backward, breaking the logical flow and helping us to spot out errors, more than slow reading does. A perfect scan!

Paragraphing the content renders produces a sloppy and inconsistent resume. Bulleted lists with proper use of periods, not only helps with the sloppiness but also saves the inappropriate use of excessive punctuation.

Milligan, CEO of ResuMAYDAY, recommended on putting enough space between each bullets providing cleanliness and encouraging the practice to “proofread in small bites”, saves the mundane effort of rescanning the document. Ideally, the consistent résumé should be cleanly formatted, laid out logically and chronologically to stand out in the small window of those precious few seconds.

Resume, though a single page brochure, if proofread, stands out well in the competition. Several surveys on resumes suggest that a large of group of job-seekers fail to stand out because of inconsistent resume with the obvious errors.

A perfect master resume communicates the fact that the candidate is diligent, prompt and does not have a lack of attention to detail. Thus, promoting your resume way beyond a dull piece of paper to a document certifying your character. Employers of reputed companies entertain such errorless and fool-proof detailed data which can hardly be achieved, if not proofread.

The first impression is always the last impression! let the proofread resume impact your employer and make your devotion count. Without which, it’s all for nothing.

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