Highest marks in class, lots of technology based knowledge or formal clothes can’t get you interview but a clean and systematic resume can.

A resume is only and the best way to get you an interview. As a fresher, you can face many problems in building your resume. It is not an easy task. You can be confused, when you ask for tips you end up messing with lots of myths.

Thus just keeping these things in mind we are presenting most amazing features which can make your resume outstanding and will get you an interview for sure.


Makeover: Your resume should be simple. A simple resume is more often selected. According to professionals recruiters just glance at your resume for only 6 seconds or less. So in those six seconds, he or she can judge you just by seeing your resume only. So try to keep your resume as much simple as possible.


Avoid using different fonts for different sections stick to one font only: Make your headings extra visible with a highlighted font. Headings play very important role in gaining attention and awareness. Just be specific with your headings and avoid adding headings on every section, not every section need headings.


Personal summary: Just another important part of every resume. The personal summary is considered as the most important part of every resume by professionals.Recruiters pay more attention while going through your personal summary. They don’t want the topper of your batch they want a guy who can help them in getting profit. Recruiters try to find out your qualities from your resume and for this, they prefer reading Personal Summary. Write your Personal Summary on the top of your resume by this technique recruiter can relate your every section to your qualities.


Style of writing: You can face problems in writing too. The best way to write any resume is to use active voice in place of passive voice. Use keywords as much as you can. Keywords are very important part of every resume. Keywords can make your resume more attractive and professional which can enhance your personality. Try to keep your resume short. Don’t make your resume more than two to three pages. Long resume is more often end up in a dustbin. You should avoid using long sentences. Keep your resume brief and effective. Use small words in place of long words. And never ever use any scientific or foreign word when you can use daily life word. This can make you look over smart which is also a negative point. 

Just by following above rules you can nail at your resume and will surely get an interview. These are the best ways to build a compelling and relevant resume.

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