Are you still wondering What do employers look for in a CV at first glance? What is that single most important item on a CV that can’t be missed? The answer to both of your questions is same – Work Experience. You can never emphasize enough on the importance of the proper execution of this section of your CV. It makes it or breaks it for your job application. This part of your Resume can undoubtedly decide the movement graph of your CV i.e. is your Resume going to a “shortlisted” pile or to a “rejected” trash-can.

So, unless you are not using an Online Resume making website, keeping that in mind, presenting your work experience in a professional manner is a skill you’ll have to expertise if you want your Resume to explode fireworks. So here is sum up of few must include points in your Resume and some common mistakes people make while accomplishing this task.

Your Resume must include details of the past companies you worked for including their locations, your employment dates, title/position you held, promotions, awards, and recognitions.Online Resume making websites usually have proper templates to ace this job perfectly.

When you have to explain your experience in the past company, don’t write a lengthy job description of that position. Lots of phrases that start with “responsible for…” and “main duties…” are a sure way to show your job application the way to trash bin. Make your achievements Quantifiable – Just compare two following sentences:

“Implemented new cost reduction strategy with flying colors”


“Decreased costs by 50 Lacs in one-quarter by implementing new cost reduction strategy”

Of course, the second is much more expressive in showing the slaying of costs. It’s the same story for recruiters. Always try to back up your achievements with pertinent figures so the employer could quickly calculate what potential perks you can bring to the company.

Formatting is one crucial thing you can’t afford to go wrong. Bullets, consistent formatting, clear fonts, columns, typos, grammar, punctuation and tenses, everything is to be taken care of. Online resume making website like cvDragon are lifesavers when you want to keep everything tidy.

Don’t Write irrelevant information, it’s your resume, not your biography. You don’t have to impound everything you worked on. Explain in length only those positions which are apropos to the recruiter. Tapering the list of positions this way makes the most powerful resume targeting.

Don’t go on including century old experience you had on some job, what employer is looking for is the Fresh Experience. So, in order to stay succinct, for the jobs backs more than 15 years ago, just write the name of the company, your position, and tenure of your employment. Another benefit from excluding old jobs from your resume is bypassing age discrimination. If your work experience timeline is going only up to 12 years ago, you’re on a secure side.

Be attentive to your work experience CV section. Befriend it. Spend time with it and its always advisable to use Online Resume making website if you want to give that professional touch to your CV. Never miss it out of focus. It’s the soul of your CV and the portion that will decide will you ace that job or not.

Best of luck for your job search and go nail them!!!


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