A resume is most important and initial step towards your goals and opportunities. And while building a resume for the first time anyone can make a mistake. But recruiters don’t care about your condition they just want perfection so try to make your resume error free. Even a small mistake can lead you to lose any kind of opportunity.

Sometimes mistake becomes the only reason for rejection. No one can afford rejection because of mistakes. No matter how smart or intelligent you are if you have errors in your resume you will be rejected.

So the team of cvDragon brought you some of the common mistakes you should avoid while building your resume.


Typographical mistakes: Grammatical and typographical mistakes are the worst kind of mistakes you can make. You should avoid them as much as possible. Grammatical mistakes make you look dumb and careless which recruiters hate a lot. You can lose that job just because of your silly grammatical mistakes. Grammatical mistakes are considered as the most common and reason behind a huge amount of rejections.

To avoid or to get rid of these kinds of grammatical and typographical mistakes you should make your friends and family members go through your resume for once. So they can better find out some mistakes.


Avoiding keywords: Keywords are the most important part of resume to attract recruiters. Keywords not only makes you look smarter and clever it makes your resume also beautiful and attractive. And most of the attractive resumes are selected. Keep your resting limited words and use as many keywords as you can. Don’t use regular words if you can write Keywords.

Avoiding keywords can become your major loss. Use small sentences and put at least two keywords in every sentence.


Same resume at every place: One size fits all will not work at all in the case of resume. Sending the same resume at different job recruitment is always a bad idea. Your resume should be unique for every different job. You can’t just stick to the same resume for every job. And the regular update of your resume is also very important factor.

Keep your resume updated and unique for every job opportunity. A resume is the mirror of your personality try to make it good and polished. Your resume should always be capable of attracting your recruiter’s eyes. And it can be achieved only by the means of uniqueness.

So avoid sending the same resume everywhere and start building a unique and extraordinary resume.


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