Aggressive resumes are good for you but not all the time, most of the time it backfires. Aggressive resumes make you look hungry and interested. Many recruiters like this quality but not all so there are chances of backfires too.

Anyone can take a chance of putting aggression on his or her resume but as recommended by professionals you should avoid aggression in your resume as much as possible. No one can afford a loss of an opportunity just by making his or her resume aggressive.

Yes, aggression is helpful in many fields but in a resume, it is useless as well as works as a negative point too. Try to make your resume calm and simple. A calm and simple resume is accepted everywhere. Each and every recruiter like a calm and simple resume.

There are several key points you can use to avoid making your resume aggressive :


Lies: Never ever lie on your resume. Don’t take risks in your resume. It is the easiest way to look more attractive and try to stick to the truth. You can easily claim about your experience and earnings but you should not do this.

Once you have submitted your fake resume it will be there forever. It is not a good memory to create for you and for your recruiters too. You will always regret it. No matter how much you got promotions or achievements such lies can make you feel bad and disappointed.

And if you get caught while lying it can be the most humiliating moment for you. So better be yourself and don’t lie.


Misrepresentation: Don’t give any fake credit to yourself. If you have achieved something with a team don’t take full credit it’s good to be the most important member of the team but then praising yourself only is not good to do. Try not to do it in any form.

Misleading your recruiters is a kind of mistake you can make. Recruiters are considered as very smart they can catch you whenever you try to mislead them. So don’t even think about it.

Be confident and humble about your achievements. Make your achievements visible. Misleading can make you lose any kind of opportunity. Feel proud of yourself and for your achievements too. Recruiters hate misleading and prefer honest and humble people as an employee.


Genuine omission: It is not a bad idea to omit something from your resume after a couple of months. Your resume should always be up-to-date. You should omit everything which is not needed in your resume don’t fill your resume with old and useless stuff. There is no need to mention that you have done masters if only bachelors are needed.

You can remove your GPA’s if they are not needed but don’t omit your previous works and experiences with their proper dates. Recruiters pay more attention towards this kind of stuff. And don’t remove full sections just update them and keep them up-to-date.


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