An updated resume ensures you are ready when opportunity knocks. ‘Old is Gold’ but in the case of a resume, the statement does not stand to be true. Old resumes are absolutely useless. Each and every resume needs an update. You can’t afford rejection in the job only because your resume is old. Always update your resume in the time span of six months or earlier. You can’t just add things this will increase the size of your resume you should always keep editing your resume and adding new skills. Resume experts say that recruiters only see your resume for six seconds or less. Make it worth for them make your resume fresh and tidy. Most of the people don’t update their resume until they see any opportunity of a job and then lose that opportunity because of a known updated resume. So keep updating your resume. There are 5 most important things you should keep in mind while updating your resume:


  1. Update your skills: Have you improved your skills or learned something new or reached an expert level of something new? If your answer is yes, then after updating your Social Network status, update your resume too. It will help you to keep your resume fresh. That’s what recruiters want. Always try to learn something new and keep updating that in your resume. Many rejections are done solely because of old stuff.
  2. Keep Learning: Keep updating your education field Recruiters prefer someone who keeps on developing. So to fulfill this need try to learn more and more courses as much as possible, it will make you look smarter as well as intelligent. It will help you in not only getting a job also in doing your job. If the stuff is more, then go back and remove your old stuff from your education column like GPAs of school, the result of different standards, etc. Better you forget them and start learning new courses and keep them updated in your resume.
  3. Add more keywords: You just can’t define the value of keywords in a resume. Your resume should contain important keywords. There are plenty of appropriate keywords for many words which make the resume more and more attractive and will highlight your performance. If you still haven’t used keywords yet then start updating your resume and add as many keywords as possible. Keywords seem not so important but play a very vital role in getting a job.
  4. An online resume: Most important aspect of the current situation of resumes are online resume. You can’t just write it on a piece of paper and stand in the line waiting for your turn to give an interview with lots of files in your hands. The World is developing and resume too. One should keep in mind that make your resume online there are many sites available. Online resumes are easy to edit and omit. Everything is becoming digital so for being in the modern world you should make your resume online only.
  5. Last consideration: Online resume are growing day by day and as this form of a resume is developing humans have created many applications which can go through your resume and can detect mistakes. So avoid mistakes and go through your resume many times. Make others check out your resume because it is hard to find mistakes in our content but easy to detect in others content.


Resume according to recruiters and job requirement ‘One fits all’ is totally contradictory on a resume. You should make a different resume for different kind of jobs. Recruiters manually see many things and their main focus always lies on the content you have written or typed. For example recruiter of the content, the writer will always search for verbs but the recruiter of tech companies will be searching nouns. In this way, anyone can update their resume.

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