Resume can be said as the most important in the beginning of your professional life. It not only makes you confident but it can help you grab different opportunities.

A resume is the first thing that recruiters go through so by your resume only you can make your first impression. Your resume solely can make you get an opportunity in this professional world. So while making the resume you shouldn’t make any mistakes or to make your resume perfect follow some of the basic points which are given below.


  1. Errors: You can lose your opportunity because of errors in your resume no matter how potential and a hard worker you are. Avoid making any type of errors. Grammatical errors are most common in a resume. To get rid of it convince your friends or family members to go through your resume so they can point out mistakes. One finds it difficult to point out mistakes of his or her own.
  2. Length: Basically there is no word limit of resume but you better not make it more than one or two pages until you have work experience of more than 40 years. Make your resume short and sweet. Recruiters never focus on length or number pages there main aim is to find potential and quality. Don’t become wordy while making your resume.
  3. Personal information: Avoid writing your personal stuff at all. Recruiters don’t want to know about your relationship status or about your hobbies. Try to seek their attention through your qualities. Personal stuff can make you lose your opportunity. As resume is considered as highly professional don’t make it informal by adding personal information.
  4. Clean and tidy: Your resume is the furthermost part of the procedure of your recruitment so you better keep it clean and tidy. Recruiters hate messy resumes. Untidy resumes are always rejected so try to keep it clean as much as possible. You can use the online process of making resume through many websites. So there will be no chance of untidiness.
  5. Headings: Headings are always the most vital part of any resume. You have to pay more attention while writing headings. Furthermore, make your headings BOLD and VISIBLE. Recruiters should get the idea about your content just after reading your headings only. For making your headings more visible you can write your headings with differed font too.
  6. Keywords: Many of you won’t think that keywords are important. But keywords plays a very important role in gaining the attention of your recruiters. Use keywords as many as possible. It makes you look smarter and will make you look different. There are many keywords just get knowledge about them and put it where you find them suitable in your resume.
  7. The arrangement of Contents: You can face problems in arranging your points while building your resume on your first time. The arrangement of points become more difficult if it is your first time and you have to build your resume. Whenever you face this kind of problems just use reverse pyramid style. In this style, you just have to find which point is more important and then put it on the top, later on, put slightly less just below it and then follow this process to arrange your points.
  8. Using present tense for past job: You should not use the present tense to describe your past job at all. It really makes your resume unattractive and you can lose your opportunity. Just make your last job past and bring the focus of your recruiters on your will to do work in their company.
  9. References: You may think that references are useless they are not useful and you can edit them from your resume. But references plays very important role in seeking attraction of your recruiters. You should write around 4 to 5 names references it shows your contacts and personality.
  10. Correct contact information: The most important part of your resume is your contact information. One should not Put in his or her contact information wrong. Check your contact information more than twice. None can afford his or her wrong contact information in their resume. You will lose your opportunity for sure if you don’t put your contact information right.

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